Sapphire Rain Management

Sapphire Rain Management manages artists of all types and genres. Singers, rappers, dancers, musicians, bands, entertainers, DJs, mcs and more. We have connections across the United States including but not limited to Boston, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Rhode Island, Georgia, Florida, New Orleans, Texas, Nevada, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle and more. Outside of the US we have connections in Canada, South America, Cuba, Mexico, Columbia, Dominican Republic and more.

We cover all bases including media, social profile, styling, presentation, security details and more uncovering the unique gems of each member we manage to reveal that sapphire in the rain. The rain be forged in fire or through hurricanes, but WE ARE the professionals in getting you to shine bright and be breathtaking like the RARE GEM YOU ARE.

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at or call (603) 361-0091

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